MagnaWatt PCB ready!

I used a PCB manufacturer to produce my circuit board and it was delived.The next stage is to populate it and test.

A more versatile Overdrive pedal

There are lots of overdrive pedals in the world, but most of them follow the same formula, operational amplifier circuit with negative feedback, 3 knobs that control gain, volume and tone, one type of clipping style, no bass ajustment and sometimes without true bypass.

Ohms Law Calculator

Enter two known values and press Solve to calculate unknowns.





Dual isolated guitar power supply

Pedal power suplies are simple circuits, yet sold at high prices, that provide DC current to turn on guitar effects. A good one needs to be quiet or humless, provide stable 9 volts and with multiple isolated outputs. In this example I use a center tapped transformer to create 2 isolated outputs.

Plate Dissipation

Plate pin voltage:volts
Cathode pin voltage:volts
Cathode resistor:ohms


Max Plate Dissipation:watts
Your Plate Dissipation:watts
Your Plate Current:miliamps

Zound Zkulptor Booster

Any guitar player, who wants to be heard loud and clear, and to sometimes overdrive a single channel amplifier needs a boost pedal. A boost pedal is a stomp box with a circuit inside that increases the strength of guitar´s pickup output, making it sound much louder. This project is my version of guitar booster using single MOSFET transistor.

The Theremin

I always wanted a theremin like the one Jimmy Page had. With a dozen components, KiCAD and DIY, I finally got mine.